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Talk marketing to me: this is how you market in the 21st century

The marketing sector nowadays, which continuously changes and is constantly renewed, requires an essential change of perception in any entity and organization. The technological revolution, the growing competition and the rapid pace of events require adopting a new attitude: marketing and business development are not only a campaign or a customer conference. This is a language in itself, such that requires all the factors in the business to speak and understand it and to refer to. Otherwise, they will simply stay behind.

Each of us, in his hat as a consumer, experienced the marketing revolution. Going to the bank to deposit checks seems archaic, receiving services and products to our doorstep has already become standard, and waiting more than five minutes for a taxi we ordered using an app feels like eternity. Many of us will even identify with the great frustration when a particular center or body insists on using a fax rather than communicating via email. It is reasonable to assume that we will soon decide to abandon it - publicly, in front of everyone, including the followers on social media.

We do not want this to happen in our business, whether it's a start-up, a mature and well-established company, a public organization or a reputable law firm. Just as we, as consumers, expect everyone to make a service accessible, convenient and efficient, we are expected to manage our business or the company in which we work accordingly. Therefore, we must adopt marketing as a language. Anyone who stammers - will simply disappear, those who do not speak the language, has long been out of the game.

In today's world of marketing, technology dictates the pace, and the customer sets the requirements and the personalization for its needs. In light of this, the best way to deal with these changes is by adopting marketing as a language in which each and every part knows its place. The operation and logistics personnel understand that the time of shipment and the technical messages are the very customer experience, the sales and customer service teams are required to speak the brand language, while the professionals - lawyers, high-techs, accountants and the like - must understand that the next client may wait for them at a conference, at the gym or while waiting for their morning cup of coffee. Therefore, they must "breathe" the marketing strategy of the organization and be involved at all times. The customer will not settle for any less than that.

This approach is quite challenging but it allows us to accurately define and improve the real-time marketing activity. The approach can be simulated to a funnel through which marketing process is started, such that first exposes us to a wide audience, which we gradually segment, then precisely characterize the target audience, while tailoring the services to its needs in a designated manner. Eventually, we meet the client tête-à-tête and provide it with a unique solution carefully made for it.

At the same time, the marketing policies need to be both structured and flexible. Consistent and continuing strategy and implementation thereof is necessary, as well as flexibility and attention to the changing market. A constant and delicate balance between them will enable us to maintain a differentiated and consistent identity on the one hand, and achieve breakthroughs that will position us above the competitors and provide us with a strategic and competitive advantage on the other.

We are here to assist your organization to "talk marketing", to build a customized and tailored strategy and to apply it precisely and creatively.

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